Press Release

March 20, 2021


The Hellenic American National Council (HANC), offers to be an Information Clearinghouse for planned activities and events by Greek American Organizations, Associations, Federations, Societies and Churches, celebrating the milestone 200 year Anniversary of Hellas.

We urge all such entities, to document via an audio-video, their activities/events associated with the 200 year anniversary celebrations, such as parades, Dances, Lectures, re-enactments, flag raising etc.

We urge all Greek-American Churches thought the USA, to ring their bells 200 times, during the liturgy on Sunday March 28, 2021 and to make an audio-video of the events.

We ask all Greek American Societies, Organizations, Associations, Federations and Churches, to submit their audio-videos, including copies of “proclamations” and other special photographs, electronically to the address below.

HANC, will collect, curate and produce a “highlight reel” (documentary), to be posted on U-tube, Facebook and other social media outlets, as well as submit it for publication in national and local Television and Print Media.

Please submit via email your videos at :, by April 30, 2021.

Let us make this special 200 Anniversary of Greek Independence, a truly memorable one.

Zήτω η 25η Mαρτίου, 1821!

Ζητω οι Ηρωες του 1821!

Ζήτω η 200ετηρίδα της Εθνικής μας Παλιγενεσίας!

Ζήτω η Ελλάδα!