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The following proposals have been discussed and voted on during the years 2010-2015:

April 19, 2023by admin



The following proposals have been discussed and voted on during the years 2010-2015:


1) The preordained 10-member Steering Committee (Board of Trustees) will be activated, and will be responsible for keeping the (newly added now) Statute, which will have the capacity to monitor the proper functioning of the latter and in addition, propose topics to members of the National Council. The Commission will be staffed by distinguished personage of the Diaspora, consisting of former presidents and long-contributing members of the Bureau.


2) The predetermined decision for individuals to be instated within the HANC (with annual payment submission) will be activated.


HANC members are individuals and legal entities. Individuals, refer to Greek origin persons residing in the USA. Legal persons are all manner of collective carriers of Hellenism as long as the statutory purposes of said legal entities do not oppose the objectives of the HANC. Members will be tracked in an electronic database register.


During its initial period of operation the Federations-members of the HANC, will retain the exclusive right “to vote” and “be voted for”. This right will be gradually acquired by the rest of the Legal and Natural persons joining the HANC, with the guidance of our legal advisors.


3) New technology will be put to good use for the Board members’ meetings of the HANC, as well as its general assemblies, to add the ability of monitoring and participating online.


4) Provision for the appointment of executive director with an annual salary (in the same manner as the AHEPA and AHI)


5) Creation of a new website:


-With ability to register new members online


-With ability to send monthly or ad hoc communication to Members (newsletter)


-With the entire HANC archive, since its inception, posted and updated weekly.


-With the ability to raise money through PayPal


6) Specific programs in the fields of our interests will be developed: Education, National Issues, Culture, Charity etc.


7) The role of the Committees will be set up with strict internal rules in order to be effective.


8) Coordinating Committees will be established by geographic criteria for the coordination of local actions, demonstrations, and programs.


Together, united, with selflessness and pure patriotism we can contribute to creating a better future for all.




On behalf of the members of the HANC Bureau


Paul Kotrotsios,