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Invitation to the Hellenic American National Council GENERAL ASSEMBLY

April 19, 2023by admin

Dear Mr. President of the Federation

Member of the Hellenic American National Council  and Delegate (es)


Through this letter, we would like to invite you and your Delegate (s) of the Hellenic American  National Council at the GENERAL ASSEMBLY,  that will take place on October 22-23, 2010 in Washington, DC at the Capital Hilton Hotel , as it was announced in June 2010.

As you know, HANC is comprised of 25 Member Federations which have from 1 to 5 delegates in accordance with their power, the number of “Sommateia” under the rules of our constitution, so about 55-60 active members. This figure added 6 former Presidents of the Federations which are economically integrate with the obligations to be able to receive and participate in meetings and actively participate in committees.

I would like also to remind you that you and your representatives should arrange the following as soon possible:

1. Your financial obligations for at least the last two years. (According to the Constitution of HANC, the economic contributions of the members is $ 100 per Delegate per year.)

2. It is necessary to send the names of your representatives to the Hellenic American National Council and their contact information for more effective communication.

3. It is very important to register names of the Delegates of your Federation,   that you think will have the time and the will to work systematically on the following committees: National Issues, Youth, Education, Culture.

Attached you will find a preliminary agenda and program of the Meeting. If there are any topics that you would like to be included for discussion at the Conference please inform us in writing, so we can include them and inform all delegates when we have their names and addresses, Phone numbers, e-mails of Federations – members.


Please call to book a room as soon as possible, because after 10 October, room rates will be higher. Capital Hilton on 1001 16th Street NW 202-393-1000

On Friday we will participate in the event of the Federation of Greek Teachers on Capitol Hill and will follow with the General Assembly session in our Hotel and in the evening it was arranged through AHI to have Dinner for our members  at the  Embassy. Dinner with everyone paying $ 100 per person payable to HANC. We are all invited to register by October 15. We are all volunteers and need to show understanding and to concentrate on our subjects.

Let us all respond to these call and share responsibility and action and let us mobilize towards the common good.We are UNITED under common goals and visions. We need good will and better communication. You are all invited to join any Committee you wish to work for, talk to the people in the Committee and collaborate with them. These issues are common to all of us. Do not just wait to hear from the committees, Join them, get informed and most of all actively participate.

The Committee Chairs, the Vice Presidents and the entire Executive Board are always available to you. They believe in synergy. SYNERGY in action.


For the American – National Council


Paul Kotrotsios                      A. Filiotis

President                                Secretary