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From the First Board Meeting of the newly Elected Board of HANC

April 19, 2023by admin

The newly Elected Executive Board of the Hellenic American National Council held its First meeting in Baltimore, MD at the Ikaros Restaurant.

L-R Dr. Panayiotis Baltatzis, Secretary General of HANC, Xenos Kohilas, owner of Ikaros, Dimitri Hios, A’ Vice President of HANC and President of the PanLaconian Federation, Paul kotrotsios, Immediate Past President of HANC,  Bill Mataragas, President of HANC and President of Federation Enosis Chicago, Il., Christos Christakis, B’ Vice President of HANC and Stavros Antonakakis, C’ Vice President of HANC.

An announcement will be made later on as soon as all the committees will be ready.

IMG_3435 copyIMG_3435

HANC’s President Bill Mataragas met with the Baltimore Washington Committee for the Philanthropic event planned to take place on January 17, 2016 and raise money for the Orphans and Elderly homes in Epiros, Greece.

Pictured above Committee Members: L-R Bill Mataragas, Paul Kotrotsios, Aris Melissaratos, Georgia Vavas, Alex Karras, Peter Tassis, Dr Panayiotis Baltatzis, Pitsa Balomas, Dimitri Hios and Stathis Dosis.