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First Executive Council Meeting, Washington, DC

April 19, 2023by admin

Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the HANC Executive Council

After consulting with most of you that I could find available, here are some thoughts:

Please feel free to ADD your ideas and comments too.

1st Executive Board Meeting of the HANC   June 19, 2010 Washington, DC  (10-12)

REVIEW the following ideas and see how we can implement them.

  1. Hellenism in the 3rd Millenium Forum conference to go around the Communities.  Involving new young professionals and Passing the torch!
  2. Invite Professors to do the research for the issues facing Hellenism in America today. Dr. George Tsetsekos, Professor Evangeliou, Dr. Panos Yannakogeorgos etc
  3.  “Challenges and Opportunities in the NEW ERA”
  4. Invite and consult with the Archdiocese and AHEPA. After all we are all members and supporters of both.
  5. Invite the Federation of the Hellenic Medical Society Drs
  6. Invite the Federation of the Hellenic Lawyers Association Esq
  7. Invite Engineers, Architects, CPA’s etc (help them get organized)
  8. Invite Politicians Gus Bilirakis, John Sarbanes and Zack Space and others in the Local and state level
  9. Invite our Legal advisors
  10. Invite business people and the youth


      Establish a NEW National Issues Committee    (2-4 PM)

All National Issues will be presented TOGETHER. Each Federation that faces the issue, requested to have one permanent representative and 2 alternates in the committee

Will brief the rest of the Committee and ask for cooperation

Synergy is what we are promoting in action!


  1. Cyprus Federation
  2. Panepirotic Federation
  3. Pontian Federation
  4. Panmacedonian Association
  5. Ecumenical Patriarhate (Archons)


Establish a NEW Educational committee   (4-6PM)

1.     Paideia Organization Elias Tomazos

2.     DIAS  Dr. John Nathenas

3.     Charter Schools (Tsafatinos-Rigos)

4.     AFGLC Dr Yiannos

5.     Federation of Hellenic Teachers  (Mrs. Kokolis)

6.     Hellenic American Educational council Dr. Dimitri Pallas


Young Professionals Committee, Audiding committee, Credentials committee

Other committees to be discussed

All Vice Presidents and members of the Board are invited to join and overlook any Committee of their choice or get involved in all of them.


Paul Kotrotsios, MBA


Hellenic American National Council

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Web site of the HANC   www.hellenicamericannationalcouncil.org

As per approval of the Board last year

We present to you the New Web


It has a great functionality

Could list all Member Federations if they wish to Link their web for FREE and if they want to Mngnt the site there will be a yearly Fee

This way we can have someone on call permanently to change and up date the webs  $400-900/year depending on the many hours of work


Host Press Releases from the Federations 




Dates and places for future Meetings


June 19, 2010   Washington, DC      AHI

Those who want to stay at the Capital Hilton please let us know until June 14 so we can get the discounted rate via AHI


Vote for next Convention

October    2010


November    2010


February   2011


April   2011


June   2011



Please fill in the forms and indicate which committee you want to work with_______________ Name, Organization, Phone, Fax, E-mail

Submit your ideas and proposals in writing

Thank you