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Dear Members of HANC and Executive Council,

April 19, 2023by admin

Sent to HANC Members VIA  U.S. MAIL AND E-MAIL

February 2, 2021

Dear Members of HANC and Executive Council,

I hope my message finds you and your families in good health and spirit.

I am writing to update you on the status of the next HANC General Meeting and Elections.  I also take this opportunity to express concern regarding certain recent actions, which not only frustrate the work and spirit of our organization but may well constitute offences punishable by law.

According to our by-laws, as amended November 18, 2000 and October 10, 2015, the term of the HANC Board Officers is 4 years (Art VI).  Last HANC election was held on October 15, 2015.  By virtue of a letter announcement dated September 16, 2019, mailed to all HANC members, HANC General Meeting & Elections were to be held in Florida on November 2-3, 2019.  Unfortunately, quorum was not achieved and therefore elections did not take place as intended on November 3, 2019.  Per the decision of the HANC General Meeting in Florida Jan-2-6, 2020, elections were re-scheduled for March 15, 2020.  The announcement letter dated February 1, 2020 was mailed to all HANC members.  Unfortunately, due to the unprecedented circumstances of covid-19 the meeting and elections had to be postponed.  Based on subsequent decisions and in accordance with our by-laws, elections are currently scheduled for October 2021.

No other authorized HANC meeting is scheduled to take place at this time.  HANC members should ignore any communication pertaining to an alleged “Emergency meeting” to be held via Zoom on February 6, 2021.  A number of HANC members were unpleasantly surprised to find out that they were allegedly “sponsors” of a letter demanding that such meeting takes place.  A “demand letter,” dated January 20, 2021, without any signatures of the alleged sponsors was emailed by a Ms. Katerina Barazza.  Sadly, the author of this letter, is not only ignorant of the applicable state law and HANC by-laws, but also makes gross misrepresentations intended to mislead HANC members.

First, the postponement of elections past the 4-year term, has taken place in accordance with HANC by-laws.  Second, by law the Board officers hold their office for the term indicated in the bylaws and until their successors are elected and qualified.  Third, any attempt to hold the alleged “Emergency Meeting” on February 6, 2021 described in the “demand letter” constitutes unauthorized HANC action as such attempt fraudulently represents the consent and attendance of three members of the Executive Council (President, Secretary and Treasurer) to mislead HANC members that  the alleged “Emergency Meeting” is authorized under Art. V.  Fourth, the “demand letter”, further misleads HANC members by concealing the following facts:

  1. Two alleged sponsors, the Hellenic Cultural Center of the Southwest and the Federation of Medical Societies of North America, are not and never were HANC members.
  2. Six alleged sponsors (a) Pan Arcadian Federation of America, (b) Pan-Messinian Federation of USA & Canada, (c) Pan Pontian Federation of America & Canada, (d) Federation of Hellenic American Society of Philadelphia, (e)Federation of Hellenic American Society of New England, (f) Federation of Sterea Hellas have ceased to be HANC members by virtue of unanimous decision taken by the President’s Council dated July 22, 2017 in accordance with Art III of HANC bylaws (failure to appear in meetings and pay dues for over 10 years). In accordance with Article III removed members may and are encouraged to reapply for admission.
  3. At least four alleged sponsors (a) Panepirotic Federation of America and Canada, (b) Chian Federation, (c) Pan-Laconian Federation and (d) Federation of Hellenic Organizations of New Jersey, have personally clarified to me that the “demand letter” falsely represented their consent.
  4. Four alleged sponsors: (a) Pan-Hellenic Federation of Florida, (b) Enosis of Hellenic Organizations of Illinois, (c) Federation of Ionian Islands and (d) Pancretan Association of America are not in good standing  which prevents them from voting on any HANC issue (Art III).

As always, I remain open to any questions or concerns of HANC members regarding not only the issues addressed in this letter, but any other issue important to each individual member organization.

In the meantime, I kindly remind all members that the successful and efficient operation of our organization necessitates all members to ensure timely payment of their HANC dues as well as timely email update of  their contact information (name , telephone and email address of their representative as well as  official mailing address of the organization) to HANC General Secretary, Dr. Panayiotis Baltatzis (pbaltatzis@gmail.com).  On behalf of the Executive Council, I wholeheartedly encourage all removed members to re-apply for admission and any inactive members to actively re-engage.


Vassilios Mataragas



Pan Arcadian Federation of America

Pan-Messinian Federation of USA & Canada

Pan Pontian Federation of America & Canada

Federation of Hellenic American Society of Philadelphia

Federation of Hellenic American Society of New England

Federation of Sterea Hellas